Happy 90th!

On Sunday, I took a family trip to Montreal to celebrate my grandfather’s 90th birthday.  I mean, 90!!!!!  We had homemade chocolate cake (which my grandfather described as “a beauty”) and ice cream.  We picked up my cousin at the Atwater market, where I got to walk around and look at the one zillion kinds of sausage they are selling.  My grandfather lives in a Veterans Home on the West Island in Sainte Anne de Bellevue.  It’s the part of the river that’s so big that everyone refers to it as the lake.

(this is just a picture of the Quebec countryside)

On the way out to Ste Anne from Montreal, you get to see the mountains where they put all the snow from Montreal.  They are just these vast, insane piles of dirty snow, with tiny-looking graters and backhoes pushing snow up their steep inclines all day and night, as I imagine.  Come summertime, they become little piles of ice that are totally, disgustingly black!

I was inspired by the vision of those piles so I made a zine about them.  Next week, you’ll be able to buy it for 50 cents from the new ZINE MACHINE at Earth Prime comics on Church Street.

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