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Fiddlehead season

April 30, 2009

It’s fiddlehead season!  Or at least, the very tail end.  I picked some in Winooski last night at my plant class, and this morning made a fiddlehead scramble for breakfast.  Granted I was really hungry, but they were meaty, creamy, tender, and crunchy all at the same time.

When picking: look for the unfurled ostrich fern….recognizable by its brown, papery, flaky covering.  And just pick a few from each — don’t pick them all or the fern can’t survive!  I recommend boiling them for a few minutes before you sautee them, they turn bright green and you pour off some brown water.  That makes them really tender!

celendineThis picture is celendine — which is invasive — but is a good remedy for warts, and also has a yellow sap inside that might be a good painting pigment.  And has a beautiful name.

It is also dandelion green season (though I’m not a huge fan), and there is ground ivy and wild violets to be picked and added to salads.

Don’t forget to wash your hands!!