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October 28, 2009

Also, this was an amazing show!  Thanks to everybody who came out!  Still feeling kind of high off of it.  Look at that glowing laptop…4047224918_59d6a27081

Scritti Politti

September 28, 2009

Well, so much for regular posting in my vintage store.  I’m going to get back to it, hopefully next week, just as soon as I can find the time and energy.

In the meantime, here’s another song I’ve been listening to a whole lot:

Sorry for the weird cut off, I couldn’t find another version.

Also, Ryan Power, as a real band, finally, is playing in Montreal this Saturday at 3:30 pm at Phonopolis! We had a super great show this Saturday, not all that quietly, at Radio Bean.  Check it out!

Shapes and Suvis

April 10, 2009

Some old pictures from our Shapes and Sizes, Sister Suvi, Nat Baldwin, and Ryan Power show last month.  I know, it was an all-star line-up.  I know!


Ryan crooned.  His new material is sounding great!

Nat Baldwin sounded really wonderful too, though I was at the back handling the door at the time.  I like his album (MVP) just fine, but live he was less pop-y, freer, and generally more interesting.  Very Arthur Russell sounding, which is of course a good thing.  Plus, a SUPER-NICE GUY!  Here he is playing an Arthur Russell cover.

Sister Suvi was exciting because while I had seen Tune-Yards and Islands it was great to see what they were coming up with together.  Their new album came out the day of the show, basically.  It’s also wonderful to see someone like Merrill exercise her humongous musical chops.  I go back and forth about this, because while in the abstract I’m really glad that you don’t have to be an amazing musician to play rock music, in reality, I really really like to see musicians who are talented take it out and show it to you.  Merrill has this tremendous voice and she knows just where her break is…..


And of course Shapes and Sizes closed out the night by playing all new material.  Or at least new to me, since it wasn’t on their last album — Split Lips, Winning hips, A Shiner — which, (sorry guys) we found on vinyl in the bargain bin at Pure Pop.


Plus they are all super-nice people!  I know it’s annoying when people talk about how they know so and so, and guess what, they’re super-nice people, but I’m just trying to be honest here.  It was certainly a show for Tick Tick history.  Since Tick Tick is basically history itself, ha.

My camera spent most of the night reiterating just how GOLDEN the drum set was.