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The good news

February 10, 2009
  • A former polaroid film factory in the Netherlands has been taken over by people who are aiming to re-start production of vintage polaroid film.  The Impossible Project.
  • I have been listening to Sam Amidon’s album All is Well quite a bit this week.  It came out in fall 07 on Bedroom Community, and you can get it off emusic or wherever else.  The album is great — basically Sam has carefully and with some very talented help, rearranged a lot of traditional American songs in very lovely and non-reductive ways.  Sam is kind of a old camp friend of mine.  So good for him!
  • It’s supposed to be in the 40s all week!
  • Dale found this awesome print at Recycle North — a lovely screenprint of the 1565 Mattioli drawing.  I guess dude was a very early botanist.
(this isn't the print we have, but it's very similar)

(this isn't the print we have, but it's very similar)

The bad news is that I am quitting coffee, at least for a month, and I HATE it.  This is day two, and I have a big headache.  But worse than that, I just want coffee.  Life just seems a lot less rich and less worth living without coffee EVERY DAY.