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There’s some nice blogs….

March 5, 2009

out there on the internet!!!

Like Casey’s food blog, the Hungry Oyster, where my marmalade reached one of its final destinations (the other destinations being my toast)…


And more importantly, get the recipie for AMAZING gingerbread caramels that Casey sent to me.

And of course this classic pie blog: Nothing in the House, where you can read about drone pie, frah pah, sun pie, forage pie, Texas pie, and cutie pie.

dscf1605Here’s a juicy blackberry pie that Emily made after we picked blackberries last summer out on Rock Point, and was a first experiment with arrowroot powder.

I also found this blog recently: Now Voyager.  It’s not somebody I know, but it IS somebody who knows where the beautiful art is!  soulcollage

gunta stolzl Blogger’s collage, and weaving by Gunta Stolzl.

I would like to find a blog that posts up some poetry on a daily basis to read, and add to the ole procrastination.

I had another French class today, after a week and a half break from class.  The class is a bit slow, but I am still really excited about learning French!  I’m working hard on my pronounciation, and whenever my teacher shares a little tidbit about what people say in Quebec I scribble it down like crazy.  My goal with learning French is to go to Montreal and not sound like a fool.  I also aspire to reading some old books in French to get my history straight.   A bientot!