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And here is Mavis…

March 30, 2009


I fed her, Sara fed her.  She was hungry.  She has distinctive boots.  Here is a close-up.


And here is SA looking at home with the new goats.  sa


Mavis Vintage!

December 9, 2008

Welcome!  This is my new blog that compliments my ebay and etsy Mavis Vintage stores (still only a twinkle in my eyes).  I’ll be posting about auctions and sales, new and wonderful clothing, as well as music, gardening, and other things about Vermont, my home state and current residence!

For now, I’ll keep posting as I get my stores up and running.  There’s some measuring and photographing, some store-policy writing, some logo designing, and some screen-printing of packaging, all to be done!

mavis-vintage-posterThis perfume poster is what you get when you google “Mavis Vintage.”  Beauty!  I’m not much for perfume, but I am much for posters!