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Lucid dreams

May 3, 2009

I had a semi-lucid dream this morning as I snoozed past my alarm.

I dreamed that I lived in a series of apartment buildings that were like a huge laboratory of glass greenhouses.  I had an upstairs door to my apartment — inside was a catwalk filled with amazing plants.  Below was all my stuff and my bed and all that.

While I was opening the door and walking in, I thought to myself in the dream — what a great dream idea, when I wake up, I should sketch it.  Someone is going to want to design this fantastic apartment idea, perhaps I will.

And that’s the first step in lucid dreaming — recognizing that you are dreaming and differentiating actions in your dreams from actions awake.  I knew that I was dreaming, while I was in the dream, and I knew that the dream wasn’t real….I knew it was only a source for ideas.  But I also believed the greenhouse/apartment idea was real enough to translate into reality.

The only problem is that the greenhouse thing is not really an interesting or good idea to me when I’m awake.

The next step will be to decide to do something in my dream!  If I had sketched it in my dream, it would have been less of a disappointment.  Next time, in a dream, I will try to tell myself — sketch it now, so you will remember when you are awake. I wonder where that will get me.

The dream was probably inspired by going to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens last weekend.


Image is an illustration by Maud Purdy, former staff artist of the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.