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While Husker Du is playing

April 13, 2009

I went to see Adventureland last night, and you know, I was pleasantly surprised by a pretty good movie!  It was way, way better than the trailer makes it seem.  It’s a good, coming of age movie that doesn’t offend anyone who thinks that women are people.  Or, for that matter, that men are people.  In fact, this movie manages to humanize almost everybody, and there are some really perfect articulations of 22-year-old righteous anger, confusion, and realizing that you have to get your shit together all by yourself.  Set in the 80s, and apparently they took a cue from the sweet coming of age movies of the era (though without the making fun of Asian people, sorry 16 Candles and Pretty in Pink).  I wish that I could have gone to see this movie in high school, instead of going to see movies that lots of dudes thought was funny and made me feel bad and then not talking about it.

Plus a good soundtrack.  Lots of Lou Reed, and then gently mocking the lovers of Lou Reed, all at the same time.  And of course Husker Du.

Don’t you think that we should kiss while husker du is playing? — that could really be the subtitle of this movie.