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July 22, 2009

Well, it’s been considerably rainier than June, but summer is still summering along……..


I saw the Binghamton Mets trounce some Tigers farm team on the 4th of July.  Binghamton has one of those charming stadiums where trains go by during the games, leading to fantasies about home runs and open cars and other kinds of Americana.  Also, it’s nice to see a healthy crowd in Bing!

dog beach

I’ve also been spending time at the beach.  Lake Champlain is the perfect temperature in July.  Seriously!


The garden is doing really well and so far surviving most of the rain and hail.  Things are pretty weedy down in the bottom third (next year, I should just plant all that with corn), but there is a tiny tomatillo, my battles with insects seem to pretty much be a tie at this point, and we are REALLY starting to eat the benefits!


Summer vegetable salad: boiled new potatoes, purple and yukon; boiled beets (not in the same water); sliced scallions, dill, snap peas; olive oil, rice vinegar, salt and pepper

Summer thunder power

July 6, 2009

Last Friday afternoon I had an insane and amazing experience, getting caught on the beach in a huge thunderstorm.


All day it was super hot and humid, lots of pressure building up.   We went out to our garden plot at Rock Point with a bunch of friends for a picnic and to work in the garden.  We weeded away, and then we walked out to Rock Point to swim.  Out there, the water was really choppy and we could see lightning to the north across the lake, so we walked back in and went down to Fred’s beach.  We left our bikes in the woods under a tree and walked onto the beach, just as it started to sprinkle.  I still thought we were on the edge of it, but it started to rain harder, and all of a sudden, it hit!  Crazy wind!  Rain!  Thunder and lightning!  Everyone was running around, wild.  All there was was the woods, the beach, the lake, and the storm.  Dale was running along the edge of the water, feeling the waves and rain whip up into his face.  You could see it coming down in sheets.  I ran back into the woods, trees creaking and cracking and branches coming down around me.  Clearly, the woods were the worst place for me to be.  I felt really scared, overwhelmed, excited, and exhilarated all at once.  I took off, sprinting down the beach away from the woods, running down the beach with the trees tossing all around until I reached the picnic shelter at North Beach.  There were a couple of other people caught under there, two scared little kids with their dad, teenagers, and a guy picking up cans and enjoying the storm, too.  We got cold under there, all wet, and did jumping jacks and rain dances to keep warm.  We waited and waited but the rain wasn’t really dying down, so we eventually just walked back to our bikes and our stuff in a pretty steady rain, and biked all the way home in a pretty steady rain.

I like being scared of the world.  I am glad that the weather is more powerful than me, and I like to be shown that. Especially together with a group of people I love, and in an insanely beautiful way.

First grill of the year

March 18, 2009

This weekend I ate my first barbecue of the season….


This was the setting and it was homier than it might seem from this perspective.

It turns out that a lot of taxi drivers come down to use that porta-potty in the train yard; you can see it’s baby blue glow in the distance.

The grilling was mystical:


And so were the grillades:


And so was the lake.


On a boat on the lake

February 23, 2009

For one of my jobs right now, at the Vermont Women’s History Project, I’m writing up a profile on Augusta Brown.  Augusta Brown was an artist from Brooklyn, and in the summer of 1895, she and three friends took a leisurely trip from New York to Montreal on canal boats, going up the Champlain Canal and up the lake, and then to Montreal by train.


This woman was cool, and her story reads like a typically awesome in-your-mid-20s summer vacation from 115 years ago (though she was in her 50s, making it even awesomer).  Brooklyn artist take summer trip to Vermont on unusual and cheap transportation, sketching and writing in her journal along the way.

Here is what she brought with her: “a small telescope bag, containing a change of clothes, a warm shawl and an umbrella. . .a shade hat and an extra pair of shoes.”

And here is what they did, pretty much the whole trip: lounging on the deck of the boat, rigging up a little canopy on the deck to nap under, drawing, writing, napping, eating mince pie, Boston baked beans, and cocoa, sleeping outside on deck at night, and occasionally getting off the boat to hang around on some docks and maybe get some tea.

I WOULD LIKE TO BE TAKING THIS VERY TRIP, RIGHT NOW!  Yes, I would like to be on a small boat on Lake Champlain, in the summer, with my friends, making some drawings and basically just hanging around for WEEKS, until I got to Montreal.


You can find more about Augusta Brown in Russell Bellico’s book, Chronicles of Lake Champlain: Journey in War and Peace.


It would be sunny, and we would lay around under our little tent and feel a breeze.

darkAnd then the sun would go down, but the breeze on the lake would keep the bugs away, and we would polish off a piece of mince pie, listen to the little mini-waves and fall asleep out in the air, and then wake up for more of the same the next day.  Take me there!