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Is there such thing as insanity among penguins?

March 23, 2009

Just watched Werner Herzog’s movie about Antarctica, Encounters at the End of the World.

I recommend it.


He visits with a lot of dorky, crazy scientists who are doing amazing things — diving under the ice to search for tiny, perfect, single-celled creatures; inflating gigantic helium balloons to measure neutrinos, videotaping volcanic explosions; and leaving tiny, weird mementos behind in the tunnels they’ve dug underneath the north pole so that if alien archaeologists visit us after we all die because of global warming they will have something to remember us by.

I was also really happy to hear some Georgian music in the movie!  Tsmindao Ghmerto, a Georgian hymn, was playing when they explore some caves under the snow created by the steam from the volcano.

And here’s the classic part of the movie, about a deranged, unstoppable, existential penguin.