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Crystal Stilts

February 17, 2009

I know I am about a year and a half late to this party, but I love Crystal Stilts.


Most reviews I have read describe them thusly:  “boring, but in a really good way,” or “like Joy Division, underwater.”  And it’s truly true.  They have all that frenetic energy, but they’re holding it back, and they have ineffably sad singing delivery, but they’re melodic too.  And patient.  I think the Walkmen wish they sounded like this.

Here’s a youtube with bad sound quality of their new single, which you will soon be able to buy from Slumberland as a 7 inch, I believe.  Note the rad Mo Tucker drumming.

And on a related note, I love the Vivian Girls.

And I love a lot of this garage-y punky stuff.  Here is what I think is so good about it, said very well by someone on Songs About Radios about the Vivian Girls:

“The essence of these songs is to uncover in the basic material of pop music (the most ordinary experiences of teenage romance) something powerful and unsettling that pop music is just unable to deal with.”


Go buy them!