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Bell ringing for the great emancipator

February 11, 2009

Tomorrow, February 12th, is Lincoln’s 200th birthday.

To celebrate, Vermonters will be ringing church and meetinghouse bells across the state for 10 minutes, starting at 2:12 pm. Nobody knows the actual time of day Lincoln was born.


If I had my druthers, I’d ring the bell (if there is one) here, in the Meeting House in South Strafford.  This may be one of the most beautiful buildings there is.

stannardOr just the bell in the Stannard Church, maybe with my dad.  Here it is in it’s pre-preserved, pre-re-painted, and low resolution form.

historyOr maybe here, at the meetinghouse in East Montpelier.  Then the snow would be gone, we’d put on our 60s glasses and have a luncheon.

coventrycongregationalchurch-3Or more realistically, up in Coventry?  Photo from this great blog.

250px-calais_town_hall_vermontOr just Calais…..and it’ll be summertime…..

And by the way, day 3 of no coffee is going better.  It helps that I slept in until 10:30, and I’ve been drinking expensive rooibus tea with expensive milk and honey and pretending that’s enough.  It’s not, but it still tastes good.  Apparently someone has developed and patented a rooibus expresso.  Sounds like i can’t believe it’s not butter to me.

The good news

February 10, 2009
  • A former polaroid film factory in the Netherlands has been taken over by people who are aiming to re-start production of vintage polaroid film.  The Impossible Project.
  • I have been listening to Sam Amidon’s album All is Well quite a bit this week.  It came out in fall 07 on Bedroom Community, and you can get it off emusic or wherever else.  The album is great — basically Sam has carefully and with some very talented help, rearranged a lot of traditional American songs in very lovely and non-reductive ways.  Sam is kind of a old camp friend of mine.  So good for him!
  • It’s supposed to be in the 40s all week!
  • Dale found this awesome print at Recycle North — a lovely screenprint of the 1565 Mattioli drawing.  I guess dude was a very early botanist.
(this isn't the print we have, but it's very similar)

(this isn't the print we have, but it's very similar)

The bad news is that I am quitting coffee, at least for a month, and I HATE it.  This is day two, and I have a big headache.  But worse than that, I just want coffee.  Life just seems a lot less rich and less worth living without coffee EVERY DAY.