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Burr oak

December 10, 2008

Last week, I traveled down to southern Vermont for a work conference.  It’s the part of Vermont that I’m not very familiar with — usually I make generalizations about it being overrun by second home owners from New York City and swanky outlet shopping, but while all those things are there, it’s also very beautiful.

Route 7

I stayed at the swanky conference hotel, and I do mean swanky — so much that I felt insecure.  I felt like someone was going to see me in the hallway, guess that my coat lining was ripped, and point.  “Hey, she doesn’t belong here!”  I was equally afraid that a valet was going to offer to bring my tiny rental car “around.”  The Equinox at night

On the drive back I took many pictures of the sky, while driving, which is sort of true photography — all about chance.  Probably also dangerous.

Route 7 sky

But I managed to take this picture of what I believe is a bur oak.  They don’t grow so much in the Northeast Kingdom, but you often see them out by themselves in the wide fields of the Champlain Valley.

Burr Oak

Which made me think of the song “Bur Oak,” by the Bowerbirds.  I guess they go for the single “r.”