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Birthday bike ride

March 19, 2009

My birthday is always awesome, since it’s my birthday, but this year was one of the best!!!  Really.  We had a crazy feast at Penny Cluse, including a big fruit plate and also some french toast with a candle in it, and (double strength) coffee, stopped to accept some presents, and then we biked to Shelburne Farms.

Biking to Shelburne is not that bad!  If you take the bike path all the way to Oakledge, you can take Industrial Ave and the big box stores back lots (Frannie O’s was packed at 11:30 when we rode by) all the way to the Palace 9.  From there, it’s only a couple of big blocks of soulless car dealerships, failed restaurants, and screaming traffic until you can take a right on Shelburne Bay road.


It took us under an hour to get to the farm, where we parked our bikes and bought some cheese.  Then we walked through the farm barn yard and saw some majestic chickens.


We hiked up through their sugarbush and stole some sap, and then hiked down to the shore!


It was extremely spring, and almost all the ice was gone.  All that was left was this sparkly ice angel.


We skipped some rocks.  I realized that I was wearing my superhero outfit.  It’s just the most comfortable!


And then finally we biked home and had a homemade pizza party.  I still wish it was Tuesday!



March 16, 2009

It’s finally, like, maybe, sort of, spring!  A lot of people hate it, but I love March.  Early spring is the best, even though everybody is yearning for it to get really warm and stop playing games with us.  And some truly ugly stuff gets uncovered when the snow melts.


I tuned up my bike on Saturday and put together the bike trailer I got for Christmas.  It feels like FREEDOM.  The trailer is a really nice burley — it’s well designed and if you get going it can help you along.  Today I’m biking out to a friend’s house on Apple Tree Point for a french lunch!  I’m going to stop at Thai Phat on the way to pick up maybe some coconut juice and something for dessert.

I’m still pretty happy about the Shapes and Sizes / Sister Suvi / Nat Baldwin / Ryan Power show we had on Thursday.  Shapes and Sizes didn’t play this song, but it’s still one of my favorites:

Tomorrow is my birthday!  We’re planning a bike ride, maybe to Mount Philo if we’re feeling energetic!