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Amethyst Amulet

January 11, 2009

If you haven’t yet, you should be listening to Adam & the Amethyst’s Amethyst Amulet. I received it this fall as a gift from the Amethyst himself, and it’s totally awesome!!!!  Definitely my favorite album of 2008 that was released after, say, 1975 (it came out in June). It was up in the favorites over on False45th, too, before RIAA forced them to take their mp3 list down.


It’s just really high quality pop.  And lovely psychedelia.  And it’s all about Thunder Bay, Adam’s hometown, which is on the northwestern shore of Lake Superior in Ontario.  It’s all about trying to figure out where you came from, and why, and what it means, and what you do if you went back there.  A topic I’m quite interested in myself!

I’m no music critic, go listen to it yourself!


And then go buy it at the POME RECORDs site.  While you are there, you might as well pick up the the Luyas‘ record too.  They have a sweet two for $20 (ca) deal right now, and the Luyas surely require listens as well.

Personal angle: they are super nice people, with whom I shared some delicious garlic knots last fall after a truly excellent MIRACLE FORTRESS show in Burlington.