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December 11, 2009

Apologies for the delay between posts.  Actually, untrue.  There’s no apologizing for time spent off the internet.  I’ve been busy, and I live in Canada now!  Some fall photos since it’s winter now.

Early fall on the beach in Rhode Island.  It was too cold to go swimming, at least for me.

Eating the biggest avocado.

The post-Thanksgiving Grandma Moses puzzle.

I am packing the ETSY shop

August 23, 2009

So there are 16 garbage bags of vintage waiting.  Basically I am reaching into one in the dark, where they live, pulling out a clothing, wearing it momentarily, and then trying to sell it to you, reasonably priced!  This weekend’s theme has been blouses:

blue button 5cream 4crop top 2eyelet 1flower


paisleypattern 4tank 5red button 2red 5sea foam 4

Weedy but productive

August 21, 2009

Well, the garden is very weedy.  I’ve made my peace with it — things like this are good for me.  I can’t be tied down in the summertime, I have to do what I feel — and this summer I had to take an 8 day vacation in early August.


But just because it’s been weedy, doesn’t mean it’s not producing anything!

calendulachardtomatomatoCalendula to dry for winter soups, beautiful and effortless swiss chard, productive tomatillos, and not-yet-totally-blighted tomatoes!

It’s been hard to focus on weeding because right across the field from the garden is the biggest and most bountiful blackberry bramble ever!

black berry

More new etsy biz

August 20, 2009

More new stuff in my ETSY shop, featuring many vintage earringsorange 2goldie 1green clip 4blue stripe 4marble 4


New vintage stuff in my ETSY store

August 13, 2009

Well finally I have put some new items in my ETSY store!  Since I left my vintage store job this summer, it’s been overwhelming looking at my 16 garbage bags of clothing, and sorting them out and selling them is a big challenge.  But it’s happening!

blue dress 1coatgreen orange 1

This is really only the beginning!  WWW.MAVISVINTAGE.ETSY.COM

IMG_3032IMG_3059brocade purse

I’m going to start adding MEN’s vintage too, basically whenever I get down to the men’s vintage bag in the piles of bags.  In the meantime, I have about 30 more summer dresses to sell!


August 6, 2009

I’m back from an unplanned and wonderful vacation to northeasterly North America — Burlington, Boston, Portland, Cambridge Narrows and Sackville, New Brunswick, and finally the deeply charming summer city of Montreal.

mayor of portland

The mayor’s house in Portland, Maine.

doctorA relaxed, relaxing, touring dog.

new brunswickSunset over New Brunswick.

cambridge narrowsLate evening in lovely Cambridge Narrows, New Brunswick.

sackvilleMusic venue in Sackville, New Brunswick.

montreal alley

And finally, early morning in Mile End. 



July 22, 2009

Well, it’s been considerably rainier than June, but summer is still summering along……..


I saw the Binghamton Mets trounce some Tigers farm team on the 4th of July.  Binghamton has one of those charming stadiums where trains go by during the games, leading to fantasies about home runs and open cars and other kinds of Americana.  Also, it’s nice to see a healthy crowd in Bing!

dog beach

I’ve also been spending time at the beach.  Lake Champlain is the perfect temperature in July.  Seriously!


The garden is doing really well and so far surviving most of the rain and hail.  Things are pretty weedy down in the bottom third (next year, I should just plant all that with corn), but there is a tiny tomatillo, my battles with insects seem to pretty much be a tie at this point, and we are REALLY starting to eat the benefits!


Summer vegetable salad: boiled new potatoes, purple and yukon; boiled beets (not in the same water); sliced scallions, dill, snap peas; olive oil, rice vinegar, salt and pepper

Michael Jackson

June 25, 2009

is dead.  And it is crazy.  Not breaking any big news, here, just commemorating this insane event.


For some reason, my favorite pictures are of Paul McCartney and MJ together.  Yeah, I know about everything that happened after this, but I don’t care, ok.

MJ & Paul McCartney 2_jpg

Summer photo dump

June 17, 2009

I’ve been busy.

rock point


IMG_2706IMG_2801snake mountainFrom the top, my past three weeks:

Spring woods at Rock Point

Downtown Plattsburgh

Homemade sourdough

Camping coffee

David Byrne

Ladies of Addison summerfest

Addison county from Snake Mountain

Lucid dreams

May 3, 2009

I had a semi-lucid dream this morning as I snoozed past my alarm.

I dreamed that I lived in a series of apartment buildings that were like a huge laboratory of glass greenhouses.  I had an upstairs door to my apartment — inside was a catwalk filled with amazing plants.  Below was all my stuff and my bed and all that.

While I was opening the door and walking in, I thought to myself in the dream — what a great dream idea, when I wake up, I should sketch it.  Someone is going to want to design this fantastic apartment idea, perhaps I will.

And that’s the first step in lucid dreaming — recognizing that you are dreaming and differentiating actions in your dreams from actions awake.  I knew that I was dreaming, while I was in the dream, and I knew that the dream wasn’t real….I knew it was only a source for ideas.  But I also believed the greenhouse/apartment idea was real enough to translate into reality.

The only problem is that the greenhouse thing is not really an interesting or good idea to me when I’m awake.

The next step will be to decide to do something in my dream!  If I had sketched it in my dream, it would have been less of a disappointment.  Next time, in a dream, I will try to tell myself — sketch it now, so you will remember when you are awake. I wonder where that will get me.

The dream was probably inspired by going to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens last weekend.


Image is an illustration by Maud Purdy, former staff artist of the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.