Some truly great news in the Free Press

I read yesterday that the state of Vermont is applying for $125.6 million dollars in federal aid to expand rail travel in the state.

Do you realize how fantastic this is?

They are going to try to make the Vermonter go faster — that’s the train that takes 10 hours to get to New York City.

They are also going to BRING RAIL SERVICE TO DOWNTOWN BURLINGTON and connect Burlington to Rutland, so that we can hop the super fast trains to New York and beyond.

Dudes, this is awesome!!!!!!!  Go for it, Vermont!!!!!

Is anything I can do to help make this happen?  Can you also add high speed service from downtown Burlington to Montreal?  It’s my dream!



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3 Responses to “Some truly great news in the Free Press”

  1. Katie Says:

    Girl! Also one of my dreams. I think that the active dreaming of things we love is what allows them to occur. Let,s keep dreaming! You dig?

  2. Katie Says:

    Girl! Seriously, this is great news. Train travel rocks. I got to say that this has been in my dreams also. I think it is the dreaming of things loved and desired that allows such things to occur. Desire and allow!!!! Lovin Vermont.

  3. Katie Says:

    Well, since I posted twice, I’ll add a third. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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