Summer thunder power

Last Friday afternoon I had an insane and amazing experience, getting caught on the beach in a huge thunderstorm.


All day it was super hot and humid, lots of pressure building up.   We went out to our garden plot at Rock Point with a bunch of friends for a picnic and to work in the garden.  We weeded away, and then we walked out to Rock Point to swim.  Out there, the water was really choppy and we could see lightning to the north across the lake, so we walked back in and went down to Fred’s beach.  We left our bikes in the woods under a tree and walked onto the beach, just as it started to sprinkle.  I still thought we were on the edge of it, but it started to rain harder, and all of a sudden, it hit!  Crazy wind!  Rain!  Thunder and lightning!  Everyone was running around, wild.  All there was was the woods, the beach, the lake, and the storm.  Dale was running along the edge of the water, feeling the waves and rain whip up into his face.  You could see it coming down in sheets.  I ran back into the woods, trees creaking and cracking and branches coming down around me.  Clearly, the woods were the worst place for me to be.  I felt really scared, overwhelmed, excited, and exhilarated all at once.  I took off, sprinting down the beach away from the woods, running down the beach with the trees tossing all around until I reached the picnic shelter at North Beach.  There were a couple of other people caught under there, two scared little kids with their dad, teenagers, and a guy picking up cans and enjoying the storm, too.  We got cold under there, all wet, and did jumping jacks and rain dances to keep warm.  We waited and waited but the rain wasn’t really dying down, so we eventually just walked back to our bikes and our stuff in a pretty steady rain, and biked all the way home in a pretty steady rain.

I like being scared of the world.  I am glad that the weather is more powerful than me, and I like to be shown that. Especially together with a group of people I love, and in an insanely beautiful way.


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