Button Bay bike trip

These past few days, Dale and I took a little bicycle trip down to Button Bay State Park, which is about 7 (very long feeling) miles west of Vergennes — 35 or so miles from Burlington.  This was my first touring bike trip, and the thing about taking a longer than 10 mile bike trip, especially with a trailer and camping gear, is that you realize why people wear bike shorts, bike shoes, bright neon clothing, and bike gloves.  It’s a wild world out there, people!  It was also easy to realize why people have touring bikes, and don’t take long trips on fixed gears, like we did.  That was something I already knew, in my mind, but now my legs in general, and more specifically my knees, understand exactly why it is be desirable to have a choice of gear ratios, as well as the ability to not be pedaling 100% of the time for 30 miles.

It was beautiful out there!  I can definitively report back to you that it is SUMMERTIME — meaning everything is green, plants are just growing like crazy, and there one million wildflowers along the lovely roadsides of the Champlain Valley.  Prominently featured: daisies, buttercups, red clover, swamps full of yellow irises, and a TON of phlox hiding the woods.  I had no idea there was so much phlox in the woods around here, and if I had been traveling by car, I would likely still be ignorant of this wonderful reality.

It’s also very lovely to bike through the super agriculture of the Champlain Valley, the highlights of that, for me, being Ferrisburgh and Panton, two very farmy towns with the corn coming up, farmers out spreading shit, and belted, holstein, and jersey ladies all relaxing in their pastures. Many dairies of distinction!

Of course, part of the agricultural landscape in Vermont is abandonment.  Here’s the most interesting thing we came across, a crumbly old windmill just outside of Vergennes that we saw as a witch hat.

witch hat


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