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How to draw a bunny

May 5, 2009

I watched the documentary about Ray Johnson this week, How to Draw a Bunny.

It was great.  Ray Johnson was a pop artist, and he made beautiful collages.  I wish the movie had been How to Make Collages like Ray Johnson, but of course no one could ever learn.



The movie also talks about his close friend, Dorothy Podber, who of course is known for shooting a bullet through a stack of Andy Warhol’s Marilyns.  I am no big fan on Andy Warhol, and not into romanticizing that art scene…..Dorothy and I would NOT be friends, since I would be way too scared to be her friend…..but I love the gesture.  Andy Warhol was kind of an asshole, and she totally knew it, and didn’t care, because she was too busy LIVING ART.  Dorothy Podber and Ray Johnson also gave a friend a present which was a clock with no hands, and when you opened it, a gold-painted rat fell out.

Ray Johnson founded the New York Correspondance School, which was a bunch of people sending art through the mail to each other, adding pieces on as they went.