It’s finally, like, maybe, sort of, spring!  A lot of people hate it, but I love March.  Early spring is the best, even though everybody is yearning for it to get really warm and stop playing games with us.  And some truly ugly stuff gets uncovered when the snow melts.


I tuned up my bike on Saturday and put together the bike trailer I got for Christmas.  It feels like FREEDOM.  The trailer is a really nice burley — it’s well designed and if you get going it can help you along.  Today I’m biking out to a friend’s house on Apple Tree Point for a french lunch!  I’m going to stop at Thai Phat on the way to pick up maybe some coconut juice and something for dessert.

I’m still pretty happy about the Shapes and Sizes / Sister Suvi / Nat Baldwin / Ryan Power show we had on Thursday.  Shapes and Sizes didn’t play this song, but it’s still one of my favorites:

Tomorrow is my birthday!  We’re planning a bike ride, maybe to Mount Philo if we’re feeling energetic!


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