New acquisitions


After a tip from Paddy, we rushed over to Jamba’s Junktiques yesterday and purchased ourselves an almost complete DRUM KIT!

We got a super deal, and while there are a few things to assemble — namely the high hat, a new snare, and a stand for the ride cymbal — I have a drum set!!!!  I think it’s possible that nothing is more fun than playing drums.


This is not a picture of the new drum set.  However, they share in common a brand, and that brand is Gretsch, whose website tells me that Gretsch drums are played by Phil Collins, a bunch of dudes I’ve never heard of since I’m not an official drummer, and of course the greats:  Art Blakey, Max Roach, and Philly Jo Jones.

I also got a book on organic gardening and a GROW LIGHT for my birthday.

The gardening book is by Rodale’s, which is a pretty visionary organization started by J.I. Rodale, who moved to Pennsylvania in the thirties and was kind of an organic gardening pioneer — he was obsessed with soil, and for good reason!  Now they have books, and the Rodale Institute, where they do all sorts of fascinating gardening things.

We have a community garden plot, so there isn’t that much opportunity for soil health from year to year, but there are still some things we can do.  This week I’m going to plant onions and put those little babies under the grow light so they won’t be so spindly, like last year.  Garden season is really coming!  And we have a new deal with our neighbors across the street, which involves us using their compost pile, and hopefully a few fresh eggs might come out of it!



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