More Christmas!

I am lucky to have in my possession some fine Christmas music played by none other than the old-timey genius (I don’t want to say American Primitive because I may take issue with the word “primitive,” but let’s not get into that here), John Fahey.

John Fahey Christmas Guitar

Oh it’s lovely.  Especially on a snowy morning when you wake up and do some stretches in your living rooom!


We have another Christmas album too, but I can’t find the cover picture online — it must be a repackaging.  But there he is, looking like a high school history teacher.  It’s officially now the start of my second intense John Fahey phase! The first phase was just on CD, and this phase is on vinyl.  The first phase went hand in hand with a Skip James phase, and the second phase does too.  The first phase was all about The Transfiguration of Blind Joe Death, and this phase is about Yellow Princess and Christmas albums.  It’s mostly about the Holly and the Ivy.

The Holly and the Ivy

On Yellow Princess, he also dedicates a song to his cat.

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